Korean BBQ: Food & Fumigation

There are certainly low carb options in Asia but that does not mean these choices are “healthy.” Take Korean BBQ.

Korean BBQ is a brilliant restaurant idea. Get people to pay 10-20 times the raw cost of food and make them cook it themselves. It’s genius.

For me it seemed like a safe low-carb option. I’d rather not cook my own food when I eat out but it was a friend’s b-day and that was her choice.

If you ever go to one of these places, don’t bother showering or changing before hand. It’s basically barbequeuing indoors and you are guaranteed to smell like charred meat by the end of the evening.

The meal starts with loads of little vegetable and pickle dishes which is one of my favourite parts of Korean dining. They could serve that stuff to me all night and I’d be happy.

Then the meat comes out and someone stands next to you prodding the grilled bits on your table BBQ while you stare into their armpit. Personally I’d rather just do this myself but this was a full service place.

By the way, can someone please tell the staff and Chang Korean BBQ that if they are right handed they should stand so that the customer is on their left? Getting elbowed constantly was no fun.

OK here’s the tricky part. You get a selection of sauces to dip your charred meat into. And I happily smothered these chunks in what I thought was a salty garlic sauce. MISTAKE.

Turns out I was pouring MSG all over my food. Can you believe it? They actually serve you a bowl of MSG mixed into oil. I realised this too late when my head started spinning after about 5 bites.

So in summary:


  • low carb
  • variety of veggies and pickles served as starters

  • side orders of neurotoxins
  • smelling like smoke
  • breathing in smoke
  • getting elbowed in head
  • watching staff’s armpit