Eat Less Excercise More.

We are told the forumala is so simple any idiot could follow it. The implication is that those who fail to do so are fat, lazy couch potatoes who get the bodies they deserve.

But why is it that some people can go around in a state of constant hunger, excercise daily and yet not lose weight while others can eat their fill and remain thin as rails? Is there any way to shift a person’s metabolism, through the right combination of diet and lifestyle that achieving fitness becomes more easily attainable? Likewise what factors are irriversible and ultimately, what is the individual effort required for maximum health and fitness?

Through this blog I hope to gather news and insights on the number of factors that have an impact on metabolism and cardiovascular health and thereby try piece together what appears to be a complex puzzle.


3 thoughts on “ELEM

  1. There’s not much that makes me angrier than Eat Less, Move More (or Eat Less, Exercise More, as you’ve characterized it here). I think it appeals to people because it turns obesity into a moral issue – if you’re fat, it’s your own damn fault, because you are lazy and gluttonous. Unfortunately, there are very many people for whom eating a great deal less and moving a great deal more does not work. These people are often accused of dishonesty in addition to laziness and gluttony, heaping yet more moral opprobrium on their heads.

    I used to be one of those people. Then I discovered that low-fat and low-calorie diets are a big lie! Now there is nothing that makes me sadder than to see an obese person eating a Lean Cuisine, or even worse, a bagel with no butter and a little jelly. I want to scream, “It’s not you! Don’t you know you’ve been lied to?”

    I like your blog – keep ’em coming!

  2. You know, this is the biggest lie ever. I have been a long-distance runner for 10 years now, and I work out 2-3 HOURS a day. I run, hike, walk, lift weights, and do Pilates. My resting heart rate is about 42 BPM and I’m in great physical shape. And yet I’ve gained about 20 pounds in the last 2 years from so-called ‘low-fat’ eating. Translate: empty carbs. I’ve been convinced that more exercise will help me lose the weight, but it hasn’t worked so far, and I’ve only run my body into the ground trying to work everything off. My thighs and butt have gained the most weight, along with my stomach. My legs are still looking good from all the running, but I’ve had to buy all new clothes! It’s terribly depressing, and I’m starting a diet overhaul and going low-carb. Anyway…just thought I’d share my story. I’m definitely one of those people who works out all the time, eats well (according to the Food Pyramid), and yet can’t seem to lose a single pound.

  3. By the way…I live in Asia, too! And you’re exactly right about how Asia is carbo-loaded. I can’t go anywhere without seeing rice or noodles or even bread! How do people here stay so thin? It’s a mystery to me.

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