Mayonnaise Is Second Most Popular ‘Treat’ For American Dieters

Whoa – two posts in two days after 9 months incommunicado.
But where else can I share these WTF factoids???

Fave Treats

This graph reminds me what a freak I am given what the average world view is.

Mayo a treat?! What? Try staple.
Margarine a treat?? My god have you heard of butter?

Seriously, do people still eat margarine? I feel so clued out.


Recipe from the Dark Side

I’m at the point where I can’t seem to get enough fat. Even so, this recipe gives me pause to consider the limits of that quest.

The ingredients combined with high praise for “cheese in a jar” makes this video a winner. It’s the perfect combination of funny “ha ha” with funny “eeeek” …

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Mystery Meat

One of my all-time favourite movie lines is from Bill Murray in Meatballs:

Attention. Here’s an update on tonight’s dinner. It was veal. I repeat, veal. The winner of tonight’s mystery meat contest is Jeffrey Corbin who guessed “some kind of beef”.

Well the following video is about “some kind of beef” but I’m not sure Jeffrey Corbin’s guess really covers what this stuff is.

While I think this woman is sadly mistaken in the belief that obesity can be tackled by removing one food item from your diet (“your vice”), her contribution to food science in the odd form of carrying around a 4 year old hamburgers should not go unnoticed.

Funny that they don’t make the obvious statement: nothing can live on these burgers… not even mould.

The idea that the burger once in you is stuck there like some undigested bubble gum (another old wives tale) seems to suggest a bit more science could be applied to how the body works.

But that burger… those fries.
Gross and cool all rolled up into one.

If any 10 year olds see this video they will all start carrying around ageing happy meals.

The Politics of Food Choice

According to an article in the New York Times, the contents of your shopping cart may predict who you support for the presidency.

My own selections marked *

You Might Be a Clinton Supporter if …

  • Your exercise regimen involves an elliptical trainer.*
  • You like Boca burgers.
  • You use honey as a sweetener.
  • Your favorite supermarket cookie is a Fig Newton.
  • Your fast food restaurant of choice is Church’s Fried Chicken.
  • You shop at Whole Foods.
  • Your shopping cart includes the following products:
      • Kashi GoLean cereal
      • Luna Bar energy bars
      • Butter*
      • Odwalla Super Protein drinks
      • Amy’s Whole Wheat frozen pizza
      • Newman’s Own Pretzels


You Might Be an Obama Supporter if …

  • Your exercise regimen involves trail running.
  • You like burgers made from grass-fed local beef.*
  • You use Sugar in the Raw as a sweetener.
  • Your favorite supermarket cookie is a soft chocolate chip.
  • Your fast food restaurant of choice is Panera Bread.
  • You shop at your local farmers’ market.*
  • Your shopping cart includes the following products:
      • Bear Naked Granola
      • Lara Bar energy bars
      • Olive Oil*
      • IZZE Sparkling Juice drinks
      • Wolfgang Puck All Natural frozen pizza
      • Kettle Chips


You Might Be a McCain Supporter if …

  • Your exercise regimen involves fishing.
  • You like corn-fed beef burgers.
  • You use Splenda as a sweetener.
  • Your favorite supermarket cookie is a crunchy chocolate chip.
  • Your fast food restaurant of choice is Hardee’s.
  • You shop at Safeway.
  • Your shopping cart includes the following products:
      • Fiber One cereal
      • PowerBar energy bars
      • Margarine
      • SoBe Energy drinks
      • DiGiorno’s Stuffed Crust pizza
      • Sun Chips


The only clearcut conclusion from this is that my ideal candidate is probably too much of a wing nut to get elected.

Doctor Knows Best

Having a hard time convincing your doctor that modern medicine has had its mistakes? Show them this…

Neatorama has reprinted an excellent collection of medicines that have come and gone.

Is there anything radium can’t do? In the 1920s and early 1930s, companies touted it as a cure-all and put the radioactive element in toothpaste, ear plugs, soap, suppositories, and even contraceptives.

I suspect it was quite effective as a contraceptive.

And here’s a sweetener you probably haven’t thought of:

Ancient Romans used lead in everything from paint to dishware to plumbing, despite warnings from Caesar’s engineers. Actually, Romans loved the stuff so much that they added lead acetate to wine as a sweetener.

Sadly, I’ve had no success at determining the carb content of lead acetate.

Can Food Be Evil?

Or is it just the people who put together the ingredients?

I found myself asking this question today when I saw this:

Candied Bacon Ice Cream
Candied Bacon Ice Cream

This is probably not the worst food perversion we have witnessed after the frenzy of Fry Everything stories last year.

But because it starts with something as wholesome as bacon (as opposed to, say, a Snickers bar), the transgression is all the more gut wrenching.

The good news for eaters is that if this concoction makes you ill, you can alleviate your pains without leaving the “frozen dessert” food group… Yes I’m talking of that other great creation, Pepto Bismol Ice-Cream (which in fairness must be commended for using real vanilla).

Yes people, it’s not just the economy that signals the end-times. Deep-fried lattes and candied bacon ice-cream surely preceed the four horsemen of the apocalypse.