Chocolate Covered Lard

OK so I don’t usually post recipes but… I came across this ridiculous recipes for chocolate covered lard… on a Russian website no less!

And given how hard it is to find ways to get fat into your diet when you are low carbing, and given that it marries bacon and chocolate which I personally believe are a match made in heaven (and have been RIDICULED for it)… well you get the idea. Here goes.

Chopping Board
Mold for final product (you may need to be a bit creative here)
Bain marie (metal bowl over a pot of steaming water)

Salted lard (pork fat) 300 grams
Dark Chocolate 150 grams
Butter 40 grams
Crushed nuts 50 grams
Ginger powder 1/3 tsp
Allspice 1/2 tsp
Cardamom 1/4 tsp
Nutmeg 1 pinch
Ground red pepper to taste

1. Grind fat in blender.
2. Place on chopping board and form into a square 5mm high.
3. Place board with lard in freezer for 1-2 hours until solid.
4. Melt the chocolate and butter over a bain marie .
5. Add in all the spices and mix well.
6. Remove frozen lard from freezer and cut into thin strips.
7. Place lard in molds and sprinkle with nuts.
8. Cover with chocolate.
9. Return to freezer for another 1 or until chocolate is solid.

Variation: add bacon bits and/or chili in place of the nuts.


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