Anti-Inflammatory Diet

So who needs a so-called “Anti-inflammatory diet”? Well just about anyone who is not genetically adapted to a modern diet… meaning everyone. Inflammation is your body’s response to you giving it stuff it is not adapted to.

A wide range of modern health problems start as elevated levels of inflammation.

In a nutshell, an anti-inflammatory diet is this:

  • Take Vitamin D
  • Eat Low carb – avoid grains
  • Avoid vegetable oils — only olive oil is safe (trans fats are dangerous), butter is better
  • Consume Fish oil
  • Eliminate High fructose corn syrup
  • Eat Saturated Fats — safer than polyunsaturated fats, major source of calories
  • Eat Fermented foods — boost your good bacteria


It all sounds vaguely familiar…
Bottom line: no more bread… but you are welcome to enjoy a steak with butter!



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