How Gluten Free impaired my cholesterol numbers…

I recently did a lipid test and in one year, my ratio of Triglycerides/HDL has increased from 0.8 to 1.2.

The absolute number is not bad but the trend is poor.

I know this is directly a result of having more carbs in my diet. I went gluten free and in the process added more carbs than before. The carbs are in the form of rice, potatoes and gluten-free wheat subsitutes.

I was working a theory that possibly my body can tolerate carbs and it only has a problem with tolerating wheat.


Eliminating wheat has certainly improved many digestive problems I experienced. I now have less cramping (IBS) and reflux.

But my weight has crept up and my triglycerides jumped. This is quite upsetting. I am going to stay off wheat but, for me, it is back to a stricter low-carb regime.

26 May’11 24 May’12
HDL 68 67
LDL 156 147
Triglycerides 54 82
Total 234 230
Total Chol / HDL 3.44 3.43
Triglycerides / HDL 0.79 1.22
Age 46 47

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