Vitamin D Home Test

As a follower of  Dr. William Davis’ Heart Scan blog, I am a convert to the Vitamin D message.

For eight months now I’ve been supplementing with  6000-8000 IU of D3 on a daily basis. In the absence of any initial test of blood levels, my self-prescription was a complete shot in the dark based loosely on posts I’d read on his and others’ blogs.

A Trip to the GP

Finally, a few weeks back, I decided it was time to find out how the supplementation was going. So I asked my GP if he could do the Vitamin D (25-OH) blood test. His immediate response was, “Why do you need that? Just go outside in the sun.” I explained that, being over 40, I was concerned my ability to make my own Vit D was impaired hence the supplements and follow up test. This irritated him even more at which point I was told he was “too busy to discuss this now” and “go talk to the receptionist.”

To make a long story short, the lab they work with does not do this test. I suppose this story is irrelevant other than to warn you that your “weird” views on Vitamin D may be met with derision.


Saved again by the internets!

Fortunately, I had already learned that I could order a home test over the net. They even do the tests internationally! The cost for those outside the US is US$90 including shipping.

So I placed the order and it arrived promptly by courier a few days later.

Basically you need to prick your finger and put a few drops of blood on a paper tablet then return it through the post to the lab.

It’s almost a no-brainer however I would definitely recommend that before you prick your finger, you should swing your arm around a few times to ensure that you get enough flow to fill the card. Swinging your arm after you prick your finger results in a scene out of CSI.

I suppose the swinging bit may not be necessary in all cases but my initial pricking effort produced only one drop of blood. But I digress…

With the test complete including only minor spillage on the test card (excluding aforementioned spatter on walls, ceiling and floor), I sent it back through the regular post… And about two weeks later my results arrived by mail.



Verdict? My 25-OH score was 73 ng/ml – pretty good. This is very close to optimum (the ranges doctors work to vary but for the proponents of Vitamin D it’s typically in the 50-70ng/ml range).

However, my results came with this warning:

Your blood vitamin D level is with the reference range (32-100ng/ml), but slightly above the range most experts consider as optimal for health (50-70 ng/ml). Excessive levels of Vitamin D over a prolonged period of time can be unhealthy.

I suppose they have to say that to cover themselves but frankly I was hoping they were going to tell me what a star I am.

It’s also worth noting that the quote, repeated verbatim, shows some wavering over whether or not to capitalize “Vitamin D.” As I was looking for guidance on that point I’m still lost.


The Test Kit Contents


My Bloody Results


PS: I’m going to drop my daily dose of D3 to 2000IU.

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11 thoughts on “Vitamin D Home Test

  1. I regularly read Dr. Cannell’s Vitamin D Council website and being in NY cannot get the test mailed to me–apparently NY is the only state in the USA that forbids it. Luckily, my doctor is affiliated with a major hospital and requesting 25(OH)Vit D testing is routine. Been taking 5,000 IU of D3 for months and am going to request a test in April. Enjoyed reading your experience.

    missbossy: Thanks! Let us know your results when they’re in

  2. I tested mine and taking 6000 units of D3 I was at blood serum level 63. It has changed my life. Don’t go too low, the benefits are too great. Better to keep it higher than lower.

  3. I have a blogsite where I am tracking success stories. Will you tell your story?? If you will, I can send you an email invite to the site.

    It is so important that this information gets out to mainstream America.

  4. My April 23(OH)VitD test result was 48. The test a couple of years earlier, without supplementing, was in the low 2o’s. Began taking 1,000 IU daily, then 2,000 IU daily, then 5,000 IU for several months — then I took the test that read 48. Since April to present I upped it to 10,000 IU daily plus MK-7 (Vit. K2) and magnesium citrate. Dr. Cannell recommends taking all three to help utilize the Vit D3. Also try to do 15-20 minutes full body mid-day suntanning, weather permitting. Don’t know what my blood level is now. Maybe will make an doctor’s appt. to retest in September.

  5. Wish there was an edit button! Forgot to add zinc in addition to the K2 and magnesium = “Dr. Cannell recommends taking all three . . .”

  6. Very much enjoyed the info – thanks, I’m new to Vit D therapy and subscribe to Dr Cannell’s Council letter.

    My doc tested me when I inquired what she thought I aught to take -2000? 3000? I was @ 13 so was given prescr for 50K, 1 X week. Retested after 13 weeks was @ 44. Found that I was taking D2 and not what I wanted, so now have started with 5000 daily (which I am buying on my own in order to get D3) and see what that does for me. Seems we are kinda on our own aren’t we? I guess progress just creeps slowly and there is no pushing it.

  7. Happy to report that my 25(OH) Vit-D3 levels have tested up to 70 now and this came about after I upped the daily dosage to 10,000 daily. This (or even higher) is where I wanted to be per Dr. Cannell’s advice.

    Proof – – had no colds or flu and for me this is just pure magic, since I do have COPD and have always had a problem with colds, flu and pneumonia. It would seem this is behind me now (tho I do still have the damage from all those years of smoking). I am happy with this progress.

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