Genes remember sugar hit

Just because your blood sugar normalises 8 hours later, it doesn’t mean that cupcake is done with you:

Human genes remember a sugar hit for two weeks, with prolonged poor eating habits capable of permanently altering DNA, Australian research has found.

A team studying the impact of diet on human heart tissue and mice found that cells showed the effects of a one-off sugar hit for a fortnight, by switching off genetic controls designed to protect the body against diabetes and heart disease.

"We now know that chocolate bar you had this morning can have very acute effects, and those effects can continue for up to two weeks," said lead researcher Sam El-Osta, from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute.

"These changes continue beyond the meal itself and have the ability to alter natural metabolic responses to diet," he told Australian Associated Press Friday.

Regular poor eating would amplify the effect, said El-Osta, with genetic damage lasting months or years, and potentially passing through bloodlines.

The study’s findings were reported in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Source: Yahoo Australia


Mayonnaise Is Second Most Popular ‘Treat’ For American Dieters

Whoa – two posts in two days after 9 months incommunicado.
But where else can I share these WTF factoids???

Fave Treats

This graph reminds me what a freak I am given what the average world view is.

Mayo a treat?! What? Try staple.
Margarine a treat?? My god have you heard of butter?

Seriously, do people still eat margarine? I feel so clued out.