Brain Enzyme a Factor in Weight Loss

More research on our rodent friends who by now should have every mechanism worked out in order that they stay slim.

Blocking a particlar enzyme (CaMKK2) was shown to decreases appetite And promote weight loss.

I found this observation odd:

They also studied both normal mice and mice missing CaMKK2 to learn how these types responded to low-fat and high-fat diets. After nearly 30 weeks on the specific diets, the normal mice on the high-fat diet became diabetic — they were unable to respond to insulin and weren’t able to manage blood sugar levels well. In contrast, the normal mice on a low-fat diet stayed healthy.

In mice missing CaMKK2, the scientists found that they stayed healthy regardless of whether they were on a low-fat or high-fat diet. The CAMKK2-negative mice apparently were protected from changes that lead to diabetes in a high-fat diet.

I don’t understand how a high-fat and presumeably low-carb thus low insulin producing diet would lead to diabetes. I’m open to suggestions. I assume we don’t have all the facts.

I suppose if the carb-content of the two diets remained the same it could make sense…?

Duke Medical News


One thought on “Brain Enzyme a Factor in Weight Loss

  1. In the study,, they fed the mice high-fat chow & low fat chow. Both had carbs.

    I was confused the first time I read the article as well. I think that when those of us interested in health/diet/fitness see ‘high fat diet’, we think high fat – low carb. However, most of North America already eats a high-fat, high-carb diet. The study was comparing that diet to a high carb, low fat diet.

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