All About Eggs

Yes I learned to cook because of Youtube. And years of experimentation which often didn’t end well.

How To Peel an Egg

Perfected Tradition

Speed Peel

Egg Education


The Perfect Scrambled Eggs


The Perfect Poached Egg
I seem incapable of poaching an egg but I keep trying…
Gordon Ramsey also has a useful video on this topic which demonstrates the swirling technique… this gives a slightly different shaped result.


Deviled Eggs
OK look – if you didn’t know how to make these you could probably figure it out without a video. But this woman has such a long lost June Cleaverness to her that it’s worth watching.

For a quicker video, check out Cooking for Men (which incidentally includes tobasco which has a certain machismo to it).

You know times are changing when people like these bring video cameras into their kitchens and start posting on YouTube.


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