Maybe you got that backwards

Everyday Movement Keeps You Slim
Scientists studied the daily acitivity levels of both obese and normal weight people and found that those who were obese… wait for it… moved around less! Yes it’s true.

Those who were obese moved 2½ hours less than lean people – which equates to about 350 fewer calories a day. Ambulation movement seemed to be the difference maker – not so much pre-planned power walking, but just constantly taking opportunities to move.

Or maybe: Obesity results in a propensity to conserve energy.


Low Levels Of Physical Activity And High Levels Of Obesity Found In Cancer Survivors
Finding: Despite getting cancer, many obese people don’t do anything to reduce their weight.

A new study reveals that many cancer survivors are inactive and obese, which may negatively affect the control of their disease. The findings, which come from a study of cancer survivors in Canada, show that a cancer diagnosis does not appear to prompt significant behavior change and that interventions to increase physical activity and promote better eating habits among cancer survivors are warranted.

Or maybe: Going through treatment does not mean that the factors which lead to obesity have changed – in fact they may have been exacerbated.

Just Maybe


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