Slow Food East

The slow food movement interests me but as far as I can tell from the website, in Singapore it involves hanging out with these five guys as they get drunk:

To join it costs S$120 which means that the average Singaporean probably can’t afford it.

Q: In the west, is Slow Food a past time exclusive to the well-off?

I always had the impression it was spearheaded by the back to nature granola bunch. But given the menus I see discussed in the Singapore blog, this is clearly a high-end foodie past-time.

Not that the price for the events is outrageous given what you get.

Look at this gorgeous menu put together for S$130:

  • Gazpacho
  • Sautéed of wild mushrooms, Arrugula, dried tomatoes and candy of black truffle
  • Clear and fragrant consommé with celery and baby carrots, served with a toast of duck liver and Parma Ham
  • Pan fried with fresh thyme and garlic, Mediterranean couscous, confit of sweet pepper and shellfish emulsion
  • Confit of beef cheek, Potato gratin, shallots, sautéed of lard and mustard
  • Age Tomme de Savoie, and dried fruits condiment
  • Jivara Chocolate delight with pralines, sesame tuile and passion fruits jelly
  • Chocolate Swiss liqueur

Impressive. The cost is worth it if only for the wine paired with the food.

Nevertheless, I know very few people (outside my i-bank colleagues) who would spend $130 for an evening at, say, Redhouse Seafood. I think last time I was there, four of us dined for a total of $130 though we did skip the sharks fin… oh and the wine with every course.

And given my low-carb religion, there’s clearly not much value in me joining a food club in which I will be skipping every offering of rice, noodles, potato and flour in its many incarnations.

Something tells me that it is not in the spirit of decelerated gastronomy if I were to turn my nose up at the Seafood Fried Rice and Deep Fried Bun, not to mention the inevitable Shark’s Fin rant I would embark upon once I found endangered species in my soup.

Still, who knew that Chateau Les Inferets Corbieres Rouge would be paired with Chili Crab?

Is there a Paleo / Low-Carb slow food faction in the States?
Not necessairly forage cum scrape-it-off-the-road slow… but just getting together to pair Chateau Le Plonk with grass-fed beef?

I guess for now, slow food will continue to mean anything that takes me ages to cook myself.


Chili Crab with Steamed Buns and Satay

Photo By Daxiang on Flickr


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