What is Healthy?

In a series of videos starting with the one below, Paul Chek, advertising for his company C.H.E.K Institute, makes the point that you shouldn’t take health advice from someone who couldn’t teach you in their underwear ie don’t get health advice from unhealthy people.

He has a point though clearly the logic isn’t completely sound. Over the years I’ve had a number of personal trainers that had the bodies of gods and didn’t know the first thing about health. Likewise there are undoubtedly those who understand the mechanics of health but don’t necessarily opt to practice what they preach.

But generally I’d agree that the apple shaped doctor telling you to cut fat out of your diet is not a convincing authority figure.

However the hidden message seems to be that being bulky and ripped is the same thing as healthy as we have no other way of sizing Chek up.

Is this the case? I’m suspicious that huge muscle mass is not a marker of natural health. But when virtually everyone follows a modern diet that has detrimental effects, do we even know what healthy looks like nowadays?

Coincidentally, today I stumpled across a collection of photos of the Tree People of West Papua which was recently published on the web. It makes for an interesting comparison.

These people could probably teach us a thing or two in their gourd sheaths…

Tree People


One thought on “What is Healthy?

  1. I agree that huge muscle mass is not a marker of health, it just shows that those people know how to build huge muscle. Most of my own teammates don’t even know what good health is (I’m a soccer player)! I would love to learn from a tribal leader about health. I think the most important difference between our culture and tribal culture is that they know how to eat for survival, while we “civilized” people eat way too much for pleasure.


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