Welcome to the Party

It looks like more scientists are starting to see the light…

Belly Fat May Be Stimulating Appetite

The extra fat we carry around our middle could be making us hungrier, so we eat more, which in turn leads to even more belly fat. Dr. Kaiping Yang and his colleagues at the Lawson Health Research Institute affiliated with The University of Western Ontario found abdominal fat tissue can reproduce a hormone that stimulates fat cell production. The researchers hope this discovery will change in the way we think about and treat abdominal obesity.

Hopefully this is evidence of a gradually changing view of the causes of obesity.

I would like to think that in 10 years time, the medical establishment will have tossed out the old food pyramid and “you’re fat because you eat too much” way of thinking.

I’m optimistic that in the not too distance future, people will be receiving much better information about how to tackle their obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

I don’t think this is too far fetched… could the tide be turning?


One thought on “Welcome to the Party

  1. The only part that’s far fetched here is that Yang and colleagues have not actually shown that the NPY produced by fat cells actually gets into the brain, where it would have to go in order to promote hunger – still, very thought provoking

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