Fat Bug: Ad-36

A Deeper Look into Adenovirus-36 and Obesity

Two human studies relating to Ad-36 have been performed. In a 2005 analysis of 502 subjects, significant (p < 0.001) association between obesity and positive Ad-36 antibody status was found, independent of age, sex, and collection site. Atkinson et al estimated the prevalence of antibodies to Ad-36 to be in 30% of obese and 11% of nonobese persons. In a second study, they also examined 89 twin pairs, and found that in the discordant pairs, the antibody-positive twins had higher BMIs and body fat than their uninfected twin.

While clearly not the main driver of the high prevalence of obesity today (which is the modern diet), Ad-36 does ad a twist to the story.

What’s interesting to note is that the adenovirus is associated with “paradoxically low levels of serum cholesterol and triglycerides.”


Overloaded with Cute: I think I have the Fat Bug

Cute Overload


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