My Eating Disorder Has a Name: Orthorexia

Hurray! I have an eating disorder and there are drugs for it!

Orthorexia supposedly is an emerging eating disorder marked by extreme devotion to healthy food.

People suffering from the addiction—usually those righteous raw foodists, vegetarians and vegans—obsessively check labels, avoid junk food, plan menus and often eat a healthy diet so they can feel “pure.” Some even make fun of McDonald’s customers.

I think a righteous omnivore fits well in this basket. Woo hoo! On to the drugs.

Treatment is tricky, however, because orthorexics “will consider drugs such as antidepressants to be ‘impure’ and unnatural,” wrote Dr. Steven Bratman, who is credited with coining the term in the 1990s but no longer maintains

But perhaps if the drugs were natural… say a grass. Or some kind of mushroom you could forage for… that would work, right?!

Orthorexics unite!

Via Weight of the Evidence

It’s natural… but I think I’ll pass.


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