One More Point to Meat Eaters..

It’s logical to assume but now there is research to back it up.

Dr. Mike has chanced upon some research which shows that vegetarians have significantly higher rates of advanced glycation end products (AGE) compared to omnivores.

Advanced glycation end products are the junk protein that result when protein combines with sugar. As vegetarians would tend to have higher levels of blood sugar (given that their diet is higher in carbohydrates), the result is more AGE.

This junk protein results in cellular debris and when enough accumulates, cells don’t function properly. It is thought to be one of the drivers of the aging process.

Someone please tell Scott Adams.

It’s sugar-free!
BBQ'd Lamb


One thought on “One More Point to Meat Eaters..

  1. Saved your blog on my favourites. I will read everything later. We seem to have same interests and even have the same blog banner.Hehe.

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