More Idiocy from the Towers of Wisdom

New Zealand – my favorite holiday destination – is a land of grass-fed cows.

That the cows are grass-fed is more of a convenience of climate (they don’t grow wheat here and to ship in grain is just too expensive to feed cattle) than the result of insightful design. But whatever. I’ll take my grass-fed beef however I can get it.

Despite being surrounded by all this grass-fed goodness, the powers that be still have their fair share of “conventional wisdom” to spoil the party…

Professor calls for tax on ‘poison’ butter

A top public health expert is calling for a health tax on butter, saying it’s “pure, natural poison” and as bad as cigarettes.

New Zealanders eat more butter per head than any other nationality and Auckland University epidemiologist Professor Rod Jackson says that’s why our cholesterol levels are also among the world’s highest.

“We have a health tax on alcohol and cigarettes and there should be a health tax on butter. It’s the most poisonous commonly consumed food in New Zealand. It’s about the purest form of saturated fat you can eat and it has no protein and no calcium. Butter has had all the good things taken out and just left the poison.”

Emphasis mine. Would someone please tell this man about CLA and, let’s see, Omega-3 fatty acid, vitamins E, A, beta-carotene…?


“That’s why our cholesterol levels are also among the world’s highest”

Really? And that’s a problem… why?

Well I just got back from the land of the Long White Cloud and there is no doubt that obesity is a problem (though no more than North America or the UK).

From this observation it’s easy to assume diabetes and cardiovascular disease are also rampant. I’m assuming that this professor is implying that cholesterol is the culprit for all this badness based on his public statements linking cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

But given the massive amounts of bread and potatoes that the Kiwis are eating, it’s a bit presumptive to accuse butter of being the smoking gun.

As an aside: I would like to point out that this is the same place that barred a woman from immigrating because she was too fat.


On to a more sensible approach to butter: The Butter Tast Test – woman consumes 9 different varieties of this poison to give you the skinny on tasty fat.

Beurre – photo By LeChatMachine


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