Into the Light

I’m a sucker for a good “journey to health” story. Stats are nice but they don’t warm the cockles.

Chris Masterjohn
Chris improves his physical and psychological health by re-introducing meat to his diet…

In the second year of being vegetarian, I began having several full-blown panic attacks per week that were becoming disabling. I was overall lethargic and apathetic. And then, I went to the dentist and was struck with the final blow.

Fifteen cavities, and two dead teeth needing root canals! How could this be? I had been sure that, since eating animal protein was what caused the body to acidify and leach calcium from bones and teeth, I would be immune to tooth decay. And the phytoestrogens in soy that supposedly help assimilate calcium should have been an extra defense, sealing shut for good the possibility of a cavity.

The “Ron Paul for President” support page adds a certain wistful charm to the site.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson
How’s this for a blast from the past? A great look at radical diet change and overcoming food addiction…

In 1906 I went to the Arctic with the food tastes and beliefs of the average American. By 1918, after eleven years as an Eskimo among Eskimos, I had learned things which caused me to shed most of those beliefs. Ten years later I began to realize that what I had learned was going to influence materially the sciences of medicine and dietetics.

He makes some interesting observations on the status associated with eating strong tasting cheeses and meats versus, say, the “plebeian” taste for mild cheeses.

While these stories abound, I can keep reading them so feel free to recommend your favourites.

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Can You See The Light?


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    It seems my skills of blogging while pretending to follow the markets on the trading floor only go so far.

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