Calculating Life Expectancy

DeathAccording to the Life Expectancy Calculator, I’m just 4 pound away from my ideal weight for longevity. This equates to a BMI of exactly 25.

I’m not sure what kind of pop science this calculator is based on but I suspect it is not much more sophisticated than the Death Clock.

As opposed to being an accurate estimate of life expectancy, it appears to be a tool for promoting certain lifestyle changes including:

  • regular exerise
  • low fat diet
  • wearing a seatbelt

We’ve previously seen research which indicates that a BMI over 25 is probably best for longevity. And as for the impact of low versus high fat diet on life expectancy, it will be a very long time before anyone can say anything conclusively.

The good news is that I will live to age 102 which is much better than my Death Clock prognosis that had me kicking the bucket at 79.

My volatile weight history and cranky personality seem to be my biggest health risks but this is balanced by good genes. Though it should be said my crankiness is genetic too.


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