UK: Health Warnings on Cheese

In an effort to reduce “soaring levels of obesity” the UK authorities are contemplating putting health warnings on cheese in order to encourage consumers to reduce the levels of saturated fat in their diet.

The Grocer says that the food watchdog is also considering asking manufacturers of products high in saturated fat, such as cheese and butter, to put cigarette-style warnings on packs which would urge consumers to eat such products in moderation or as a rare treat.

The move would form part of a publicity campaign developed under the FSA’s strategy to cut consumption of fat.

Time to count to 10…

This is so misguided I find it hard to express myself.

What about warnings on every loaf of bread? On every bottle of Coke? How about putting pictures of gangrened limbs on the front of every fish & chip shop with a warning that consumption of batter fried in vegetable oil can eventually lead to heart disease and diabetes?

How can cheese be the first target in their crosshairs?

There is certainly a debate to be had over the pros and cons of dairy products. But this is not the red flag they are raising.

As someone who has lost a fair amount of weight while consuming cheese on a regular basis, I find the contemplated campaign to be naive at best and potentially dangerous at worst. Warding people away from fat will send them right to the carbs.

How many people have to fall victim to such advice before the tide turns?



2 thoughts on “UK: Health Warnings on Cheese

  1. Hi there, great post! I totally agree with you. Will putting health warning signs ever work? Look at how many smokers are there, they aren’t affected at all by the gross pictures and warning signs.

  2. yes.. it does work.. cause just like what you’ve said.. In the cigarettes.. So many children love to eat cheese and dairy products.. Nevertheless, their parents can warn them.. đŸ™‚

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