Bluetooth Enabled Tattoos

We new that this would eventually happen: high-tech body hacks. Instead of bringing out your phone every time you need to make a call, this silicon insert will let you dial right onto your arm. Yes it’s true: life imitates bad jokes.

But this isn’t just convenience gone mad. The makers suggest that there would be health benefits.

Could such an invasive device have harmful biological effects? Actually, the device could offer health benefits. That´s because it also continually monitors for many blood disorders, alerting the person of a health problem.

For sure it would be interesting to see an interactive tattoo churn out real-time readouts on glucose levels and other blood stats. But will the marginal benefit of these “health benefits” outweigh the unknown risk of infection and mutation of nearby cells due to constant, low-level electronic stimulation?

This is definitely Teh Cool. Still, despite the obvious upside to information junkies like myself, I don’t think I’ll be an early adopter of this one. Any takers?



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