Welcome to My Big Ass Home

Here’s an unusual combo…

Someone has managed to pull together two of my favorite topics – getting fit and decluttering – into one book under the theme of “you’ll remain a mess if your place is a mess.”

I have not read this myself (see Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering New for a full review) but I am intrigued and have already added it to my Bookmooch wishlist.

I am curious to know if there is any objective analysis of the idea that slobs are fatter (which is the obvious conclusion from this advice).

It is certainly an interesting twist on a couple of divergent “get your act together” themes, though I’m sure the author has had to tread very carefully to avoid insulting readers by insinuating stereotypes.

In short:

(1) tidy up,
(2) take more time to eat properly and
(3) find the time for this by stop watching so much TV

… you fat, slobby, couch potato !


One thought on “Welcome to My Big Ass Home

  1. Hmmm … I think I know where the stereotype of the fat slob comes from. If obesity really results from storing energy as fat at the expense of supplying energy to other body cells (as Taubes so elegantly hypothesizes), it stands to reason that obese people are more tired than thin people. And it’s hard to clean up when you’re tired all the time.

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