Moving On

OK here I am. It seems I’ve really dropped the ball here.

My excuses are the following:

  1. With this blog I set out to answer a question for myself which I think I have answered (more below)
  2. As mentioned previously there are a lot of better blogs out there which cover this topic well.
  3. I’ve come to realise that I have a digital doppelganger already actively blogging.

Last point first. There’s this woman out there who seems to take 12 day holidays when I do, have add-hoc binges and weird sugar lows when I do and even suffers from gastric flu when I do (that was nasty). Plus I gather we are roughly the same weight but for her sake I hope she is taller. OK I don’t get migraines but I do suffer from the occasional bought of tinnitus which I put down to some kind of neural ****ed-upness so there’s that too. So I mean, why bother?

The second point was previously covered

As for the first, I probably need to explain. Scientific truth, as they say, is a function of time. Theories change but we work on the best theory available at the time. If it produces predictable results, then good enough.

So I wanted an answer and at least I have ended up with a working theory. What was my question?

Q: What do I have to do to be my optimal weight (for health, looks, etc) without starving myself or living in a gym. How do I get this fat-ass monkey off my back?

I am now living by a theory that seems to be producing results. It may be naive and historians will trawl through this blog with a chuckle but it works so all critics can just shut the… you know.

The Theory:
I am genetically inclined to store fat when I eat (primarily) wheat products and (secondarily) high GI carbs.
Not everyone has this gene but many do.

OK I appreciate this is hardly an original idea. But whereas it seems a lot of people focus on the short term weight loss possible by a low-carb diet, I am saying that I WILL ALWAYS have these sensitivities and this has to be a permanent dietary change (not withstanding the major slip I had with that corn bread last week).

By simply cutting these foods out and otherwise eating like a pig, my weight has drifted back into what I consider normal ranges (technically I’m still “overweight” with a BMI of 26).

I think that there are other things important for health and longevity (EFAs, certain supplements, weight training and infrequent but intense interval training) but these are not part of “The Theory.” And actually I haven’t been as good about those things as I’d like to claim but my failure hasn’t stopped normalisation of my weight.

I should point out that this is not the only theory I’ve tested over the years but the rest didn’t produce sustainable results.


OK now that I’ve sorted myself out, does that mean it’s time to go off-line?

Well the truth is that I never really shut up. I have a few other blogs where I put other parts of my life and the chatter is ongoing in the typical jumps and starts which is my way.

But it occurred to me lately that there is still room for reports on the trials and tribulations of living The Theory in the carb paradise known as Asia. And so going forward, while I will not be able to help myself from re-posting goodies I find on this topic, you may find that the blog becomes a bit more anecdotal.

And when I say you, I mean all three of you. Or two. Or perhaps nobody. But anyway I’m happy to talk to myself as there’s nobody else worth talking to around here during the day…


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