Obesity Not Your Fault?

The BBC reports on a study which concludes that obesity is not the fault of the individual but the inevitable result of:

a society in which energy-dense, cheap foods, labour-saving devices, motorised transport and sedentary work were rife.

For those who have evolved a superior ability to survive on less calories, the age of abundance is, weight-wise, more of a curse than a blessing. A classic example is the Pima Indians who report high levels of obesity on a modern diet.

Rant: If your genes make it easier for you to get fat, then your genes simply mean you have to make more effort to stay fit.  It’s not easy when we are surrounded by foods we are not well adapted but those are just the cards we’re dealt. It sucks but waiting around for the government to legislate away all the factors that make me fat is tantatmount to waiting for death.


2 thoughts on “Obesity Not Your Fault?

  1. I mostly agree with you, but wouldn’t it be nice if there were as many low-carb choices as low-fat/high-carb in vending machines, schools, cafeterias, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, etc? The official government guidelines, at least in the US, are so heavily biased toward low-fat and low-calorie that it has an effect on demand – people eat what officials tell them they should. I mentioned to a grocery store employee once that I wished his store would carry full-fat yogurt, and he replied that this was certainly against the trend of what his other customers asked for! In effect, the guvamint has made fat into such an Enemy that it’s harder and harder to find natural, full-fat products in the store.

    I think the UK report was half right, and half wrong, by the way. They are right that the foods we should not eat are everywhere, but they are dead wrong about what those foods are.


  2. I’m definitely down with that. Unfortunately “consumers” (influenced by the various misguided nutrition pundits) drive selection. I live in SE Asia which is carb hell… you’re really on your own here. Hence the fighting from the trenches mentality. (PS – been on your RSS feed for some time and liking it.)

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