Stress & Famine

In a recent symposium, scientists reported what we already know – that once the diet is over the body works overtime to put the fat back on…

[Researchers] suggested that the physiological processes which drive all of us to seek and ingest food and limit energy expenditure during periods of negative energy balance provide an irresistible drive to regain lost adipose stores in weight-reduced obese individuals. This provides a potential basis for the well-recognized difficulty of maintaining weight loss.

But it gets worse! Granted our bodies are designed to conserve energy and store fat during periods of caloric deprivation. But could stress be triggering those same processes?

[Researchers] reported that conditions of reduced food allowance and chronic stress excite central neural networks that may lead toward abdominal obesity. This provides a potential link between stress and obesity.

Time to add some yoga to your weight-loss regime. More.


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